High School Students

Global Leadership Program

With the increased global impact of plastics, high consumption lifestyles and burning fossil fuels this program highlights the importance of “going green.” It encourages young leaders aged 14- 17 to explore Vancouver, connect with and learn from Vancouver Youth Leaders and be inspired to vision and launch service project models for positive change in their communities. The groups return with profound personal experiences and insights etched in their minds that shape their view of and active role in the future. Parents and schools are provided with a summary report that lists their findings and project plan-request to implement a sustainable practice in their home and school. We help empower students to realize they can make a difference and that their daily actions matter in creating a sustainable world. Both local and international communities benefit from sharing each other’s resourcefulness. It closes the gap between them and builds a global network of sustainable living success stories. Shaping youth into conscious leaders by educating the planet’s worth one tour at a time.

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