Who Are the People Behind

2 Degrees Transformational Travel

You are probably wondering about the story behind who will potentially be taking care of your child for a couple of weeks abroad!  Justifiably, there are many concerns you as a parent have when deciding to send your child on an educational tour abroad.  Are they trustworthy?  Are they a credible company?  What will my child learn?  Will it be safe?  Is it worth the investment?  The questions go on until you are confident your child will be in good hands. To answer those frequently asked questions click here. Your child’s school has yet to offer a program like 2 Degrees’ yet? Request a quote and ask how to be a part of the referral program.

Our Promise


We promise you, integrity, quality and safety in every field trip or short term program. You will experience prompt reception towards your expectations. Your student/teachers return to school motivated to tackle challenges to lead social impact projects.


We promise you, your child returns home safe with non-stop stories of what they learned with more love and gratitude towards you. He/she will gleam with a new sense of independence, confidence and global perspective.


We promise you will have fun exploring the natural beauty of nature.  Learn practical life skills that make you stand out in applications.  Understand various pathways to success by hearing stories directly from local change makers and social impact organizations.

2 Degrees signifies what makes us different from other student travel programs.  It denotes the fact that we teach how closely connected we are to the environment. It fosters lifelong individual relationships socially and professionally. It also emphasizes the behaviors needed to prevent a 2 degree rise in global temperatures. Most importantly, it refers to personal growth and our goal for participants to experience a 2 Degree shift in their perspective of the world.

Our Team


Kim knows how fortunate she is to call Vancouver home. The region is not only a nature lover’s dream, complete with many outdoor activities and urban forests but is also a cultural hotspot with diverse populations, first-class art, food, education, and attractions. Kim’s appreciation for home became clear once she traveled around Australia and Asia for an entire year with a bag that looked larger and heavier than her! Her travels gave opportunity to reflect on the beauty each country offers, as much as she enjoyed other places, there was no place like home. During this pivotal time in her development she returned home with confidence in continuing her studies in International Business Management. Since then Kim has worked in a Fortune 300 company in International Business and Logistics, got married, had two children and revived Great Study Tours which is now named 2 Degrees Transformational Travel. In her not so much free time, Kim enjoys being outdoors, experiencing something new and being on vacation with her family. Kim is excited to share her hometown, family values, and professional drive to help build young people into responsible, successful adults with a promising future.


Magali grew up on the north shores of Vancouver, with the mountains at her back and the ocean at her feet. This beautiful environment provided the perfect landscape upon which she discovered her passion for adventure, the outdoors, and sustainability. With years of experience leading international students through the West Vancouver school district, coordinating and instructing local run clinics, and supporting various community initiatives, it was a natural transition for Magali to join the 2 Degrees Transformational Travel team in 2017. Currently, she is completing her Communication Major at Simon Fraser University, and when not at school or at work, you can find Magali traveling and adventuring outdoors with a camera strapped to her hand.


In 1992 Nitz chose Vancouver, Canada to raise her two boys, a place full of opportunity and promise of a better future. In 1994 she left tropical humid Manila and arrived on a cold wintery night with two heavy suitcases, hungry children and a whole lot of faith. A year later after developing a routine life, her son Mauro, came home surprisingly excited with endless stories on what he learned at outdoor school. Mauro’s fascination prove students are more engaged in the 4-days of outdoor schooling education in comparison to the standard education held indoors. Nitz wanted other children like her son to have a once in a lifetime experience as well, children from anywhere in the world, in 1995 the idea of Great Study Tours was born. Her strong relations in the Philippines and 20 years of operating Great Study Tours is key to the growth of SBT. Currently, Nitz proudly points her finger around serving as an Advisor to 2 Degrees Transformational Travel, grandmother to her grandchildren and volunteer to her community. Her support, mentorship, and direction with SBT are highly valued.


Sasha has always been a multi-passionate person, from performing arts to math to creating inventions as a child, what she loves most is being outdoors and hearing people’s stories. Sasha received a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science in 2019. Environmental Science opened her mind to environmental issues around the world which sparked the desire to protect her favorite place, nature. Sasha is living her dream profession by being creative, innovative and scientific in her approach as an environmental educator. At 2 Degrees Travel, she is combining her education in environmental science and sharing her passions with youth by guiding intentional activities outdoors. Sasha is excited for the opportunity to make a difference by designing, coordinating and facilitating travel programs for 2 Degrees Travel.

Our Program Leaders & Teachers

2 Degrees selects the best leaders available for each tour. Leaders are required to have:

  • First Aid Certification
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Experience with group management and youth leadership
  • Teacher certification to facilitate 2 Degrees specific programming. 2 Degrees programming connects all activities and relating it your child’s personal values which benefits their future and communities they are connected to.

There is combination of program leaders and certified teachers to maximize organization, fun and learning experiences

Our Partners